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SoMa West Community Benefit District

posted Jan 29, 2018, 2:35 PM by Site Admin
(The following is a copy of the SoMa West CBD January newsletter. See their website for more and current information.)

January newsletter
We are almost ready to enter the Petition Phase of the process! We have submitted the Management Plan and Engineer's Report to the City and will be mailing petitions to all property owners in early February. Please be on the lookout for your petition in the mail and share news about the SoMa West CBD with anyone you know in the area!
Petition mailer to property owners

We will be mailing out petitions and a copy of the management plan to all property owners in early February. Please contact us if you did not receive yours by mid February. You can support the SoMa West CBD by returning the petition and encouraging everyone you know to do the same. We will continue to hold info sessions throughout the petition phase to answer any questions and provide additional information.

Attend an info session to learn more

Please invite anyone you know in the area to attend an info session to learn more about Community Benefit Districts. We will have petitions available for any property owner to sign at the info sessions. 

3/1​      Thursday​      6-7:30     Deli Board  -  1058 Folsom St 
3/15​    Thursday​      6-7:30 ​    SF Moto  -  275 8th St    
3/28​   Wednesday​   6-7:30     DNA Lounge (upstairs)  -  375 11th St
4/12​   Thursday​       6-7:30 ​    Presidio Knolls School  -  250 10th St
4/18​   Wednesday​   12-1:30 ​  Hoogasian Flowers  -  615 7th st

Management plan & engineer's report

We have finalized the Management Plan and Engineer's Report and submitted them for review by the City. The Management Plan details the governance, budget, plus programs & services provided by the district. Approximately 80% of the budget will go to improving safety and cleanliness on a daily basis. Once the Management Plan is reviewed by the City we will post it on our website and include a copy in the petition mailer. For examples of similar management plans visit the website of the OEWD.

What's next?
  • City Review (Jan): The Management Plan is and Engineers Report are currently being reviewed by the City OEWD office. 
  • The Board of Supervisors will recognize the SoMa West CBD steering committee for its efforts to make the neighborhood cleaner and safer for everyone at their meeting on Tuesday, Jan 30th.
  • Petition Phase (Feb-Apr): In early February we will send out petitions to all property owners in SoMa West for the SoMa West CBD. Property owners totaling more than 30% of the proposed assessment will need to sign the petition for the SoMa West CBD formation to move forward to the balloting phase.
  • Ballot Phase (June): If the petition phase is successful, we will send the official ballot to all property owners in SoMa West in June. The SoMa West CBD will form if property owners totaling over 50% of the proposed assessment vote in favor of the CBD.
  • Services (2019-2034): If the SoMa West CBD is passed in the June ballot phase, services will start as of January 2019.
How can you help?
  • We will need to reach out to every property owner to sign the petition. If you live in a multi-unit building you can help spread the word about the petition to your neighbors. Please contact us if you would like to help spread the word or personally know any large property owners.
  • Invite other property owners to learn more at one of our public info sessions listed above.
  • We are accepting tax deductible donations to help fund the formation of the SoMa West CBD.
  • Do you know or have contact information for anyone who owns multiple or large properties within our proposed area of SoMa West? We are trying to reach as many property owners as possible to ensure their support.
  • You can help spread the word about the formation of SoMa West CBD in your building or company. Ask us for fliers to pass out in the neighborhood where you live or work.
  • If you would like to help, please email us at
Express your opinion
We want to hear from residents, property owners, business owners, and workers in the SoMa West CBD area. Each person within a residence or business should take the survey since everyone has a different opinion which deserves to be heard. We continue to invite everyone who has not yet expressed their opinion to take our quick survey!
Please like us on Facebook or visit our website for more information
or download a printable version of the flier here
Proposed area for the SoMa West CBD