Maintenance Calendar

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OwnerProjectActionFrequencyNext DueLast DoneNotes
OwnerProjectActionFrequencyNext DueLast DoneNotes
Treasurer Accounting Reconcile statements 4 monthly    
Secretary Document Updates New Owner welcome package 5 quarterly    
Secretary Document Updates CC&R updates 5 quarterly    
Secretary Document Updates Plumbing Supplement updates 5 quarterly    
Secretary Document Updates House Rules updates 5 quarterly    
Secretary Document Updates Ladder Indemnification updates 5 quarterly    
Secretary Document Updates Bylaws updates 5 quarterly    
Phil Entry Intercom Add / update / delete entries 0 as needed    
Phil Entry Intercom Change general access code 6 twice yearly    
None Improvements Get quote for glass deck panels 1 once   Inactive until post-lawsuit 
Improvements Add signage to building 1 once   what signage? 
Mike G Landscaping Pick up outdoor trash 0 as needed    
Zsuzsi Landscaping Hand-water as needed 2 weekly    
Janitor Landscaping Pick up leaves 3 two weeks    
Janitor Landscaping Pick up outdoor trash 3 two weeks    
Phil Landscaping Add feet to new plant pots 4 monthly    
Zsuzsi Landscaping remove dead plants from 4th-floor deck 4 monthly    
Zsuzsi Landscaping Check sprinkler timer 4 monthly    
Lee Landscaping Remove vines from N & E frontages 7 yearly March 1, 2011 March 26, 2010  
John D Maintenance-General Trash Room- remove debris and junk 2 weekly    
Janitor Maintenance-General Trash Room- clean as necessary 3 two weeks    
Maintenance-General Deck- sweep and wash 5 quarterly    
Maintenance-General Trash Room- check door seal 5 quarterly    
Janitor Maintenance-General Gas Room- check lights 5 quarterly    
Janitor Maintenance-General Boiler Room- clean floor 6 twice yearly    
PMC Maintenance-General Boiler Room- update permits 7 yearly   is this yearly or every two years? 
PMC Maintenance-General Boiler Room- flush systems, check for leakage 7 yearly   how often? last done? 
PMC Maintenance-Windows R/R damaged window panes 0 as needed    
PMC Maintenance-Windows Get cleaning bids 7 yearly April 1, 2010   
Phil Maintenance-Windows Lead / coordinate day of cleaning 7 yearly May 3, 2010  next due date approximate. Verify that Phil can do lead. 
President Maintenance-Windows Notify owners, neighbors of cleaning date 7 yearly    
Lee Online Resources Web site updates 0 as needed    
Lee Online Resources Add web announcements 0 as needed    
Lee Online Resources Check and update email distribution lists 5 quarterly    
Lee Online Resources Upload updated documents to web site 5 quarterly    
Showing 35 items