Weekly Status 2016-06-06

posted Jun 8, 2016, 12:56 PM by Site Admin
1) Mechanical Phase 2
  • Peter at Everest sent two COs and updated scope of work documents on 5/17/2016 (forwarded to the Reconstruction Committee)
  • The work specified looks right, but the CO cost accounting doesn’t show credits for previously bid work
  • Lee, Derek, and Peter are working to figure out an accurate accounting structure
2) Namgyal Ongoing
  • cover for boiler room drain is installed and complete
  • touch-up painting on 4th-floor deck is complete
  • additional repair work in 203, and windows in 101, was pending delivery of silicone tape; no update
  • per John Dunlap- a window issue on the 201 Rausch side needs investigation; no update
3) Window Leak Remediation Strategy
  • Lee and Anna from MCA discussed operable window sealing options- replace bulb gaskets, align windows, increase count and size of weep holes, apply sealant to joints and other frame penetrations
  • Unit 203 window leaks were resolved as part of this investigation and water testing
  • Pending action- need a plan for further window updates
4) Unresolved Water Intrusion Issues
  • 204: slow drip from lighting hanger
  • 402: leak through vent penetration
  • some of these may be complete, but don’t have closure
4) 105 Street Entry Grating
  • Lee forwarded JPs suggested solution to Derek and Peter
  • waiting on architectural signoff
5) Exterior Lighting Update
  • LED fixtures for vine up and down lights are delivered
  • LED “porch lights” for common deck, entry door are delivered. Need three more for previously-unnoticed fixtures.
  • Have installation bid from one electrician, waiting on second bid.