Weekly Status 2016-05-02

posted May 4, 2016, 10:55 AM by Site Admin
1) Mechanical Phase 2
  • Mechanical work is stalled (trash room, metal roof replacement, intake/exhaust fans, fire damper actuators)
  • Peter at Everest has had higher priority tasks over the last six weeks and has been unable to integrate quotes from Patriot Mechanical
  • Lee has asked McGinnis Chen for help and ideas re moving things forward
2) Namgyal Ongoing
  • Nam was traveling, is back and reviewing issues
  • additional repair work in 203, and windows in 101, is pending delivery of silicone tape
  • per John Dunlap- a window issue on the 201 Rausch side needs investigation
  • this probably includes a window leak remediation strategy and window water testing; undiscussed
  • no news re a cover for the boiler room floor drain
  • no news re touch-up painting of the 4th-floor deck
3) Unresolved Water Intrusion Issues
  • 203: window leaks cause window sill puddling
  • 204: slow drip from lighting hanger
  • 402: leak through vent penetration
  • some of these may be complete, just don’t have closure
4) 105 Street Entry Grating
  • Lee forwarded JPs suggested solution to Derek and Peter
5) Exterior Lighting Update
  • Lee has a check for Universal Electric for lighting fixtures, will execute order this week
  • lead times 4-6 weeks
  • not a reconstruction issue, but worth tracking here