Weekly Status 2016-04-25

posted May 4, 2016, 10:45 AM by Site Admin
Not much happened over the previous few weeks, so no statuses. 

Jeff Trayhan / Patriot Mechanical has four proposals pending with Everest; Peter will cost them and deliver proposals to the HOA early this week:

1) Trash Room
  • supply/install new ceiling fan in trash room, with electrical et al
  • install 8” round duct in front stairwell, route through holes in landings, to exit roof near the stairwell roof hatch
  • install 12” damper, with grills, at roofline
  • Peter will quote work to cut holes in landings, roof, and drywall at trash room, add quote from Jeff, balance against pre-quoted work for trash room
  • elevator sump work was not discussed, but is assumed to be part of this effort
2) Replacement of Galvanized Roof Sections
  • new work based on discovery during other weatherproofing operations
  • remove/replace north and south roof sections
  • install trash room damper during this process
  • all Patriot work, no Everest involvement
3) Intake/Exhaust Fans
  • install VFD, pressure sensor et al in ventilation fan
  • relocate exhaust fan with new enclosure to existing concrete pad
4) Hallway Fire Dampers
  • no definite direction from Bruce, nor complete list of dampers to replace
  • some quantity of indecision re repair vs replace vs reconfigure with additional alarm wiring
  • some dampers difficult to get to- need to Sawzall existing damper out, remove ducting, install new one
  • with no advice to the contrary, Lee requested that all dampers be replaced with identical new (non-defective) units, using the same activation strategy as the existing system
  • per the 3/31 status, replacement dampers should have arrived first week of April …?
5) Namgyal Ongoing
  • PortaPotty removed from site two weeks ago
  • additional repair work in 203, and windows in 101, is pending delivery of silicone tape, Nam return from trip
  • per John Dunlap- a window issue on the 201 Rausch side needs investigation
  • this probably includes a window leak remediation strategy and window water testing; undiscussed
  • no news re a cover for the boiler room floor drain
  • no news re touch-up painting of the 4th-floor deck
6) 105 Street Entry Grating
  • John Paul supplied sample part numbers for a floor grate that would work
  • Lee will forward to Derek and Peter