Weekly Status 2016-03-21

posted Mar 22, 2016, 10:08 AM by Site Admin
Nam and Anna on the call.

1) Mechanical Phase 2
  • Ventilation fire damper actuators should arrive this week
  • Control sub-contractor reviewing VFD requirements in a site inspection Tue afternoon
  • Exhaust fan replacement being spec’d this week, possible sign-off approval by Friday
  • Information flow between Bruce (Lefler) and Jeff (Patriot) is good
2) Water Testing
  • This week should be dry (no rain), so water testing can proceed end of this week
  • The building seems to be pretty water tight. Ongoing issues:
  • 203: window leaks cause window sill puddling
  • 204: slow drip from lighting hanger
  • 402: leak through vent penetration
3) Window Leak Remediation
  • Long discussion re addressing leaking operable windows on the Sumner/Clementina sides
  • Replacing OEM bulb gaskets is time-consuming (1-2 hours per) and of arguable value because the new gasket is not very different from the old one
  • Lee (re)proposed a multi-step solution for review and approval:
  • a) align operable pane to fit as evenly and tightly as possible against the mating frame
  • b) add additional weep holes to improve drainage rate
  • c) water test the window. If it still leaks, replace the bulb gasket.
  • d) water test the window. If it still leaks, add a second surface-mount sealing strip.
  • Long-term durability of a second sealing strip is not good, so (d) would require replacement every few years
4) Entryway Awning
  • New glass is installed
  • Nam will complete sealing this week
5) 301 Windows and Touch-Ups — Done
  • wire glass installed, rusted metal cleaned and painted
  • ceiling paint touch-ups done
6) 402 Windows and Touch-Ups — Done
  • 4 IGUs replaced
  • Paint touch-ups from door installation complete
7) 105 Street Entry Grating
  • No action from MCA re grating spec
  • Lee will ask John Paul to sketch a grating design
  • MCA will provide a spec for everything else
  • Nam will find a metal fabricator to create the grate
8) Pending / Unreviewed
  • Nam will fab and install a cover for the boiler room floor drain
  • Touch-up painting on 4th-floor deck