Weekly Status 2016-03-14

posted Mar 14, 2016, 4:55 PM by Site Admin
1) Mechanical Phase 2
  • Bruce is working through equipment selection and specifications, delivering docs to Jeff at Patriot on Friday
  • Jeff is responding with questions and working out implementation details
2) Entryway Glass
  • Awning glass is ready
  • waiting on 24h of dry weather for installation
3) 105, 301, 402
  • 105 - waiting on grate spec from Anna and Derek
  • 301 windows, touch-up painting- Thur/Fri
  • 402 windows, touch-up painting- Thur/Fri
4) 4th-Floor Deck
  • Deck has been cleaned
  • Nam will do touch-up painting next week
  • 401 can move all items back onto the deck at that time, clearing the exterior stairway landing
5) Boiler Room
  • Hetherington Plumbing did overflow piping on Friday; unclear re status
  • Nam will fab and install a cover for the defective floor drain when plumbing work complete
6) Water Tests
  • Nam and Anna have a tentative date this week to initiate water tests on 101, 201, 301 windows
  • Target Thur/Fri for tests