Weekly Status 2016-02-22

posted Feb 23, 2016, 10:33 AM by Site Admin

Peter is out of the office this week. Lee met with Nam and John Dunlap and talked status in lieu of a mis-scheduled meeting with Bruce Allen and Jeff Trayhan on Monday morning.

1) North Wall

  • waiting on replacement of wire glass window; all other work complete
  • Nam will reinforce the rusted window frame with Bondo when replacing the glass

2) First Floor Exterior Doors, Unit 105 Threshold

  • fabrication of stainless-steel eyebrows for the doors is complete
  • Nam has started installing the eyebrows, will work his way around this week (main entry, 105 are done)
  • sealing includes a wet seal around the perimeter of transom window above each door
  • Everest will replace the pavers at the 105 threshold with a grate over gravel to reduce splashing and puddling at the threshold

3) 301 Entryway Leak, Boiler Room Drain

  • drywall replacement is mostly complete in 301
  • the leaking boiler room floor drain will be disabled with a glued-down stainless steel cover plate
  • permanent repair will require detachment and displacement of the large space heating boiler, saw-cutting the floor around the drain, and removal of multiple layers of ceiling in the 301 entryway
  • various overflows in the boiler room (at least four) will need to be re-routed to the common deck
  • (The boiler room needs further maintenance- leaking copper pipe joints, possible back flow device replacement, etc. Lee will initiate a discussion re timing, and whether there might be some good reason for disconnecting the boiler and fixing the drain sooner (like this summer) versus later.)

4) Windows

  • IGUs continue to fail. It appears that most of the original window panes will need replacing over the next few years.
  • installation of new bulb gaskets is time-consuming, on the order of 1-2 hours per window, and there’s little perceptible difference between the old and new gaskets
  • a better plan might be to cancel the bulb gasket replacement, and define other procedures for problematic leaking windows- simpler weatherstripping, sealing unused operable windows closed

5) Mechanical - Dryer Ducts

  • Lee contacted the tenants in 303 last week and confirmed their availability to provide access to work crews
  • Nam will talk to Jeff re initiating work on this final dryer duct replacement
  • 104 remains an issue with a booster fan that won’t trigger. John D. will contact the owner of 104 to see if he knows of any solutions.

6) Mechanical - Phase 2

  • Bruce Allen (mech. engineer) will meet with Jeff Trayhan (Patriot Mech.), Nam, and Lee on Thursday morning to kick off phase 2 design work
  • Lee requested that work begin next week if possible, and requested other venting options from Bruce for the trash room (other than a new exhaust unit on the roof)

7) Entryway Glass Canopy

  • one of the replacement glass panes was damaged en route to delivery last week, will be re-fabricated and delivered in the next few days
  • Nam will fabricate additional plastic spacers and seal the entire edge between the wall, metal framing, and horizontal glass edges

8) 401 Drywall

  • drywall work and painting is complete in 401, after successful water testing last week
  • final detail work is being completed now, including moving pots and furniture around on the deck and removing rust stains

9) 402 Detailing

  • the 402 owner is traveling and not available to provide access at this time
  • the door exterior at the upper edge will get an additional eyebrow and cladding over the center post