Weekly Status 2016-02-08

posted Feb 8, 2016, 1:25 PM by Site Admin
Combination status covering the previous two weeks. Nam was absent for a few days with health issues, but is OK and back now.

1) North Wall
  • Wet seals and window frame cleanup is complete on the north wall
  • Two windows showed significant corrosion, will likely need repeat maintenance in the next 5-10 years
  • One wire glass window is cracked in unit 301, will be replaced
2) Unit 105 Threshold
  • Dirt was removed outside the 105 exterior door and subterranean wall to inspect the exterior seal
  • Derek and Anna did water tests bottom to top, determined that the sub wall was watertight but that the window above the door had metal-to-metal surfaces allowing water to leak in and run down the interior door channels
  • Resolve with wet seal on leaking intersections, 4” drip edge
  • Lee wondered whether the remaining exterior 1st-floor doors would have the same issue - Peter forwarded the question to Derek, received affirmation, will quote doing the same work to all doors
3) 301 Entryway Leak
  • Everest did a temporary fix in the boiler room, using a sump pump to move overflow water out onto the 4th-floor deck
  • Heatherington Plumbing reviewed the failing back-flow device with John D., needs to return to do a permanent repair
  • It appears that the drain in the boiler room leaks, but is inaccessible for repair without moving the boilers out of the way
4) Windows
  • Additional leaking window units continue to be discovered, in units 201 and 204
  • Nam is ordering replacements, will add to replacement map
  • The correct bulb gasket stock was received and test-installed; installation is time-consuming
5) Mechanical - Dryer Ducts
  • Updates to the dryer ducting is largely complete, with units 301, 304, and 105 done recently
  • 303 work is pending, re contact with the current residents for access. Lee is pursuing this.
  • 101 and 102 received sound-insulating boxes, similar to 204
  • The 104 dryer is not triggering the booster fan. Patriot has tried two different fans, and tried the pressure switch in a different location, without success. They are investigating additional solutions. It may also be a dryer unit issue, with the dryer not providing sufficient air flow.
6) Mechanical - Phase Two
  • Initiation is waiting on a second bid for mechanical engineering services from Bruce Lefler, due last Monday
  • (Proposal finally received later in the day, after the status meeting)
  • Elevator sump work will be combined with trash room venting, so is dependent on this initiation as well
7) Entryway Glass Canopy
  • Sample glass was reviewed by Nam and John D, accepted as sampled
  • Fabrication to be complete this week
8) 401 French Doors
  • Completion of drywall work in the 401 living area is on hold, pending water tests by MCA (Anna)
  • 401 window leak resolution is pending a decision re whether to replace the operable window or to implement some other solution
9) 402 Doors
  • The missing external covering over the post between the two doors was installed and completed
  • 402 needs some interior paint touch-up and attention to the wood threshold strip. This was erroneously reported as a 401 issue in a previous status.