Weekly Status 2016-01-25

posted Jan 28, 2016, 11:29 AM by Site Admin
1) 401 Door Replacement
  • Door contractor is done, but residents have a punch list
  • Lee also noted that the post between the 402 doors is missing exterior cladding
  • Anna will set up a date with Nam to schedule water testing, probably next week
2) 105 Threshold and Landing Leaks
  • John Paul still has water coming through the foundation wall, both from the top and through in-wall cracks
  • Derek wants to examine the sheet goods on the exterior to understand the conditions
  • Everest will do some localized excavating around the door, as well as removing the threshold for better sealing
3) Window Bulb Seals
  • Incorrect seal stock has been returned
  • A sample of the correct seal has been sent; the warehouse will deliver it in 4-5 working days
4) Entryway Roof Glass
  • Should have a sample for approval, but Nam wasn’t on the call so no news
5) Mechanical
  • 304 is done. Lee inspected, believes it looks good. Anna wants to see it, too.
  • 301 being worked on
  • 303- can’t find owners, so no access at the moment
  • Peter heard from both Bruce and Meng. Meng is trying to figure out what to do re a proposal.
  • Goal- nail down a mechanical engineer by next Monday
6) 301 Hallway Roof Leak
  • Late-breaking news- leak caused by leaking overflow in boiler room
  • Everest applied temp fix; Heatherington to provide permanent fix
7) Figley and East Wall Paint Certification
  • Still waiting