Weekly Status 2016-01-18

posted Jan 20, 2016, 11:43 AM by Site Admin
The Monday morning status meeting was on Wednesday this week, with Peter, Nam, and Lee.

1) Water - 301
  • Unit 301 reported water dripping from the ceiling in their entry hallway during the big rains over the weekend
  • Nam investigated, believes that water ponded on the roof section around the boiler room and leaked through the rusted metal cladding
  • Several gallons of standing water were removed, and the cracks and holes sealed
  • This area is slated for new sheet metal in spring/summer
  • Peter also noted that the exhaust ducts for the boiler room were missing rain caps. Probably not the cause of this leak, but Patriot will fab and install new caps now, versus waiting for summer.
2) Water - 105
  • John Paul documented water leaking through the wall below his street door
  • Investigation and discussion by Derek and Patriot targeted both the door threshold and a possibly-failing membrane below ground level
  • Derek wants to do excavation around the door to see what’s going on. Nam will remove and investigate the threshold at the same time.
  • Peter recommends “urethane grout injection” from the inside- drill a pattern of holes through the wall from the inside, inject a water-reactive urethane grout that will seek out leaks then expand and seal
  • Redoing the exterior waterproofing is challenging- the membrane would need to be applied corner to corner and would not provide as good a seal as the urethane grout
  • Lee is concerned that similar leaks might be happening in the other ground-floor units, under their entry stair landings, and would like Everest to inspect the areas
3) Windows and Bulb Seals
  • Alan (door and window guy) found and ordered exact-match bulb seals
  • Combine bulb-seal replacements, requiring entry into each unit, with inspection of the areas under the stair landings on the first floor units
4) 401/402 Door Replacements
  • Old doors removed on Thursday, new doors installed on Friday
  • Work should be complete today, including final trim and paint touchups
  • Everyone likes the doors. Other owners are expressing envy.
  • 401 drywall installation is waiting on water testing to verify new construction watertightness
  • Water testing schedule TBD, probably next week
5) Entryway Roof Glass
  • Nam will pick up a glass sample for review and signoff
  • Final fab and installation next week
6) North Wall CO
  • Peter using verbal CO approval to initiate work
  • Being scheduled now
7) Mechanical
  • Peter completed and distributed draft RFP this morning for comments, will send to Bruce Lefler and Meng Chen for proposals
  • 304 mechanical work started
  • 301 is next, may require a core through the concrete wall, so Patriot looking for wall composition info
  • 303 residents are unavailable, with no access; waiting on more information
8) East Elevation Coating Certification
  • No action from Figley to date
  • Peter will continue prompting them