Weekly Status 2016-01-11

posted Jan 13, 2016, 9:33 AM by Site Admin
The Monday morning status meeting occurred on Tuesday morning this week, with Lee, Peter, and Anna.

1) Mechanical
  • Peter had unrelated issues to handle last week that prevented distribution of a request for proposal to Meng Chen and Bruce Lefler. That’s still the plan, will be completed within the next 24h.
  • Access to 304 was worked out with property mgmt co, have keys; Patriot will start work next week
2) Doors
  • Nam is working with Alan, door contractor, to complete installation of 1st-floor exterior door sweeps
  • Replacement doors for 4th floor deck are in
  • Nam and Alan are now developing construction strategies for demo and installation of 4th floor doors, including siding removal, weather protection, and resident access during construction
  • Work should start in the next few days
3) Entry Glass
  • 3 of the 4 glass panels over the main entrance were damaged by homeless
  • All four panels will be replaced with similar; Garmison Glass providing pricing now, can fab within a few days
  • Everest will install
4) North Wall
  • Peter delivered a CO earlier Tuesday morning
  • The Board will review and sign off ASAP
5) Windows
  • Replacement OEM bulb gaskets for the operable windows are difficult to find - the manufacturer is not being much help
  • While the mock-up solution worked to seal the window (essentially foam weatherstripping tape), it’s not a good long-term solution
  • Anna suggested that, based on her recent experience with a similar building, fabricating new gaskets might be the fastest, easiest path
  • Alan (door and window guy) is continuing to search for solutions
6) East Wall Coating Certification
  • Anna asked about a certification letter from Figley for wall coating adhesion on the east elevation
  • Rick from Figley was going to send something; Peter will follow up to find out why it hasn’t arrived