Weekly Status 2016-01-04

posted Jan 7, 2016, 11:01 AM by Site Admin
1) Mechanical
  • The Monday morning status meeting was done as a mechanical walkthrough with Meng Chen, mechanical engineering subcontractor working with McGinnis Chen. John Dunlap (Board) and Jeff Trahan (Patriot Mechanical) participated.
  • Discussion areas are pulled out below.
2) Mechanical - Smoke Dampers
  • Lee noted that the damper motors (Honeywell H-2000B) were acknowledged to be defective, and were subject to replacement by Honeywell
  • Long discussion re whether the failing damper motors were separately connected to the fire alarm system, powered by a low-voltage signal from the alarm system, or controlled in some other fashion
  • Meng suggested that a control expert was needed; Jeff has someone available to do the investigation
  • Apparent next steps are to engage the control expert to identify the system in use and provide requirements for replacement actuators
3) Mechanical - Trash Room
  • Long discussion re venting strategies, venting efficacy, building odor transfer, and costs of various strategies
  • Meng stated that, with the apparent capacity of the current exhaust fan, the exhaust ducting should be under negative pressure at all times, and would not allow trash room odors to migrate to other parts of the building
  • A solution using the existing exhaust duct passing through the trash room is therefore feasible
  • Jeff and Meng discussed implementation options for teeing off the duct, and options for removing the existing exhaust duct and sealing the penetrations into unit 105
  • Meng believes that no additional grillwork is required for air intake, i.e. no cutouts in the door, and that airflow through the door threshold is sufficient
4) Mechanical - Exhaust
  • Long discussion re air flow requirements and current fan capacity, placement, neighbor reaction to fan noise, vibration through the roof, exhaust output duct location, and motor assembly relocation to a pre-existing concrete roof pad
  • Apparent resolution is to re-implement the motor and fan assembly on the concrete pad on the elevator shaft roof, with duct and electrical relocation as required
5) Mechanical - Ventilation
  • Long discussion re the air handler, lack of leaf screens on the incoming air, collapse of the dust filters and requirements for additional support, broken internal duct brace supporting a fire alarm, existing but unused air warming coils and their controls, and placement of the pressure sensor for the VFD (variable fan drive)
  • The existing fan motor will apparently work with a VFD, though not as efficiently as a purpose-built motor. The implementation analysis should specify whether a motor replacement is required.
6) Mechanical - 3rd-Floor Dryer Ducting
  • John and Lee agreed that the change order for the 301, 303, and 304 duct work was de facto approved, and that Everest/Patriot should continue with implementation
  • Nam has difficulty with keys for 304 - the property management company only lets the keys out for single days, requiring pick up and return same day
  • John will contact unit owners/residents to begin scheduling work
7) Mechanical - Engineering Support
  • Meng was not originally contracted to provide implementation-phase specifications. He will therefore provide a cost proposal for the work required to spec the above solutions.
  • Lefler Engineering previously offered to provide a cost proposal as well; Everest will follow up
8) Windows, Doors, Glass
  • Nam is working with their window supplier to find replacement bulb gaskets for the operable windows. Nothing found so far.
  • All street-level doors have been sealed. John Paul in 105 did additional work on his own, with additional threshold and door sweep seals.
  • Three glass panels above the entrance were broken by homeless intruders. Everest will replace all four panels, to avoid matching issues, and seal the edge between the horizontal glass panel and vertical wall.
9) Drywall Remediation
  • All remediation is complete, with unit 401 completed over the Christmas/New Year break
  • John Paul in 105 will do his own rebuilding
  • 401 rebuilding is waiting on delivery of new doors