Weekly Status 2015-12-28

posted Dec 28, 2015, 5:57 PM by Site Admin
Jeff Chen and Derek joined the meeting this morning. Nam dropped out early on. 

1) Mechanical
  • Lee sent email to Jeff and MCA a week ago re the attractiveness of using Bruce Lefler’s mechanical experience with the building systems, in place of Meng Chen, given the aggregate complexity of the building and a reported lack of response from Meng to requests for further specification of replacements. Jeff responded via phone two days later with concern that litigation issue resolution might be impacted by changing mechanical engineers. Jeff and Derek subsequently sat in on the Monday morning status meeting to discuss the issues directly with Lee. 
  • Jeff pointed out that Meng had expended significant effort in understanding the litigation points and developing mechanical requirements for the bid, per the initial MCA contract with the HOA. Jeff noted that Meng had focused on reducing the cost impact of resolving several issues. Jeff also wondered if perhaps Lee and Everest were unaware of the requirement for a clear resolution of all litigation points when doing repairs associated with a lawsuit settlement.
  • Lee suggested in turn that Meng’s solutions and specifications could also be viewed as demonstrating a lack of depth of understanding, for example- recommending a solution for trash room ventilation without investigating whether the existing exhaust system had the necessary capacity, and, if not, specifying the capacity required in a replacement exhaust system.
  • Lee also noted that he and the HOA Board was very clear about the requirement to address litigation issues in a professional manner, and that he and the Board were also strongly interested in solutions that addressed building safety, longevity, and livability issues to the greatest extent possible, given the budget available.
  • Anna commented that the original contract between MCA and the 73 Sumner HOA only provided for initial consulting and bid development from Meng, and that further specs would require an additional T&M contract. Jeff agreed that it was typically difficult to plan and spec details before an on-site contractor began reviewing requirements.
  • Peter noted that, if we needed an additional contract from Meng anyway, getting proposals from both Meng and Bruce Lefler would be useful and prudent, to general agreement.
  • Lee requested that a walkthrough be scheduled with Meng, Everest, and Patriot Mechanical at the next opportunity to review building mechanical requirements, and to discuss further detail with Meng as necessary on site.
  • Peter and Jeff discussed protocol for contacting and working with Meng, with agreement that Peter would contact Meng directly to set up the walkthrough, if possible the first week in January.
2) Windows and Doors
  • Door sweeps will be installed on the ground floor exterior doors this week
  • Everest and their glass sub are looking at the bulb seals, and will investigate the availability of direct replacements with Arcadia, the window supplier
3) East Elevation Wall Coating
  • Anna inquired re progress on resolution of the tear strip issues on the back wall
  • Peter and Rick (coating supplier) talked last week- Rick will send a letter to Peter discussing coating failure modes and the impact, if any, to the coating warranty
4) 401 Remediation
  • Drywall remediation work begins today in unit 401, while the residents are traveling