Weekly Status 2015-12-21

posted Dec 21, 2015, 11:48 AM by Site Admin
0) Accomplishments
  • Scaffolding is down on Clementina! The fresh paint looks great.
1) Mechanical
  • All dryer duct / booster fan work is complete on 1st and 2nd floor
  • Anna would like to review examples of the interior mechanical work. Access will be difficult for the 1st and 2nd floor units (Nam has returned keys) so she will focus on the 3rd-floor units.
  • Any exterior work to 304 can be done via scissors lift, so bring down the scaffolding on Sumner as soon as practical
  • Held meeting with Bruce Lefler / Lefler Engineering on Friday (Lee, John Dunlap, Peter and Nam from Everest, Jeff Trahan from Patriot, Bruce). Bruce previously reviewed all building systems for the lawsuit, has a solid understanding of the issues. He will produce an overall design plan encompassing the air handler VFD, exhaust / scavenging upgrade, fire dampers, and trash room venting.
  • Bruce reminded us that the fire damper motors have a known manufacturer defect, and were covered in the lawsuit. 
  • A design spec from Bruce is now a critical path item for further mechanical actions. Peter will work out a delivery date for the spec, with a desire to restart mechanical repairs first week in January.
2) IGUs
  • 4 IGUs to replace in unit 104 (ground floor)
  • All other IGU replacement is complete, and the scaffolding is coming down, so this is near done
3) French doors on 4th floor
  • Expect install date in January
  • Start drywall remediation in 401 during Christmas/New Years break, while residents are traveling
4) Unit 105 / John Paul
  • Remediation complete under the stairs; plastic sheeting removed today
  • JP has water coming in under and around his door. Nam and Peter will review John Paul’s email and issues.
  • Anna / Nam discussed difficulty of sealing the door threshold to loose pavers, will investigate further and find ways to seal it better
  • All other exterior doors complete
5) Window Water Testing
  • Second round of water testing was done on 401 window
  • Lots of water intrusion around operable section; minimal sealing at edges of operable window lead to sill track filling and overflowing, even with additional weep holes
  • Nam prototyped additional foam sealing strips, which mostly worked
  • Lee noted that the bid form calls for removal / replacement of all existing bulb gaskets in the operable windows
  • Anna was concerned that replacement gaskets would be difficult to find and acquire, and might not help
  • Peter will follow up with his glass contractor
6) North Wall CO
  • Peter, Nam, Lee reviewed the north wall requirements last Friday- clean/wetseal/paint metal window frames, repaint wall with AllGuard
  • Peter will deliver a CO in the next few days
  • Lee emailed contact info for Don MacRitchie (neighbor)
7) East Elevation Excavation
  • Anna questioned whether there would be value in digging down along the below-grade east wall to look for water intrusion issues
  • Lee didn’t know of any evidence of water intrusion, nor how one would tell given apparent lack of a crawl space behind the wall
  • Peter didn’t believe there was value in an investigation at this time
  • No further action
8) Weather-based Water Testing
  • Lots of rain coming in this week
  • Lee will send email asking residents to report any water leaks