Weekly Status 2015-12-14

posted Dec 14, 2015, 12:36 PM by Site Admin
Anna had a previous engagement, so call was Lee, Peter, Nam.

1) Wall Coating
  • Peter will call Rick, the Dow Corning rep, today to get a review of the courtyard elevation wall coating
  • Goal is to get a warranty certification letter from Dow Corning
2) Mechanical
  • All mechanical work that can be done at the moment is done, with 102 and 105 being completed last week
  • Items pending the Friday morning walkthrough: air handler mods, exhaust fan update, 3rd-floor changes, trash room strategy, fire dampers
  • Trash room venting is in play again. Patriot expressed concern that tying the garbage room into the building exhaust system could spread trash room odors to the rest of the building, so they looked at other options, including a separate duct up the chaseway next to the elevator, and exiting over the front door and going up to the roof. 
  • Lee would prefer to find a way to make the exhaust system tie-in work, to avoid both exterior ducting and an additional venting system
3) IGUs
  • 7 more IGUs need to be replaced in 304, plus 201 and 103
  • Nam ordered the new units, should arrive today
  • Unclear whether the issue is defective original IGUs or window-framing causing the IGUs to fail
  • Everest will provide a diagram showing final IGU replacements for future tracking
4) Scaffolding
  • Scaffolding on Sumner St will start coming down on Wednesday
  • Scaffold on Clementing pending completion of exterior 304 work
5) 1st Floor Exterior Doors
  • Nam did some prototyping on the doors last week
  • New gaskets and drip edges on order for all seven doors
  • Everest will check the subterranean areas for water in all units
6) 105 Abatement
  • Scheduled for Thursday
  • JP wants to do the refinishing himself; Lee will confirm between him and Everest
7) 205 Window Water Intrusion
  • Jens noted over the weekend that he had water intrusion through one of his window systems
  • Nam will look at it later today
8) 4th Floor French Doors
  • No updated delivery dates yet for the new doors
  • Get a vacation schedule from the 401 residents and schedule abatement during that time
9) Billing
  • PMC has been slow about producing a check for the initial Everest billing
  • Lee and John are following up, should be able to hand a check to Peter on Friday
10) Not Discussed
  • CO for north wall window sealing