Weekly Status 2015-12-07

posted Dec 10, 2015, 3:29 PM by Site Admin
This status covers the previous two weeks.

1) Wall Coating
  • Painting is completely done
  • Some touchup remains around scaffold attachment points and such, to be completed after (or as) the scaffold comes down
  • Anna and Lee did a final inspection on Mon 11/30
  • The mixed Dow Corning AllGuard has a 12-month shelf life, at best (the Dow Corning site specs 270 days). Everest will leave a pail of paint for near-term touchups; future touch-ups will require fresh paint.
Distributor: DM Figley Company, 10 Kelly Court, Menlo Park, CA 94025 650-329-8700
Figley spec:  Custom Green, order # 1430247, for 73 Sumner, by Everest Waterproofing

2) Wall Coating - Rausch Elevation
  • An issue was opened around coating adhesion on the Rausch elevation. One of the three test pull strips caused a patch of new coating to detach from the wall. It appears that the new coating was more firmly attached to the old paint than the old paint was attached to the concrete wall. (With the other two pull strips, the coating correctly failed internally, versus coming off the wall.) This is not a serious problem — the old paint did not come off easily, and was not easy to remove around the perimeter of the patch — but MCA and Everest determined that a review by a Dow Corning representative would be useful re their willingness to provide the full coating warranty. 
  • Approximately 25% of the existing paint was removed from this wall. The remainder was scraped and pressure-washed to remove chalking, and to verify existing adhesion. 
3) Mechanical
  • Dryer duct cleaning and booster fan work is done on the first floor except for unit 105, done on the 2nd floor, done on the 4th floor. 3rd-floor units have issues.
  • Units 301, 303, and 304 have inaccessible ducting, behind drywall. At least one unit has a long duct run that should have a booster fan installed.
  • Peter met with Patriot Mechanical on 12/2 to discuss options, including re-routing vent ducts and addressing other building mechanical and sheet metal issues
  • Peter issued first draft COs, and will update them with per-unit detail. This will be the primary focus over the next two weeks.
4) North Elevation Windows
  • The north elevation windows are similar to the steel windows repaired and sealed on the east elevation, and should receive the same  treatment
  • Peter is working on a CO for this work
5) IGUs
  • Most IGUs have been delivered and replaced
  • A few remaining IGUs still need to be installed on the 3rd floor, primarily in unit 304. The 304 residents have moved out, so Nam will acquire keys from the property manager and complete the work this week.
  • 401: Nam wants to schedule time to align the test window in the bedroom and water test while the scaffold is present. Complete this week.
6) 4th-floor French Doors
  • Replacement doors are expected to arrive around the end of December
  • Schedule remediation and installation for early January, post-holidays
7) 1st-Floor Exterior Door Sealing
  • MCA and Everest discussed the requirement for and feasibility of replacing door pans on the exterior doors
  • There doesn’t appear to be a need; water intrusion is mostly around the door perimeters
  • Remove and reseal thresholds on exterior doors
  • R/R sweeps and weatherstripping on all doors
  • Check under-stair areas in all ground floor units for signs of water intrusion
8) Budget
  • Peter met with John Dunlap to review construction costs against the budget
  • Everest costs to date are at or slightly under budget- additional work added, but less work around concrete spalls and repairs reduced costs
  • Drywall remediation and repair add expected, but additional, unbudgeted cost
  • Mechanical repairs appear to be greater than expected
  • Sealing of north wall window frames will add cost
  • It appears, at this point, that these additional repairs can still be accommodated