Weekly Status 2015-11-23

posted Nov 23, 2015, 3:14 PM by Site Admin
Peter is on vacation this week, so status call was Lee, Nam, Anna.

0) Completions
  • Rausch elevation (courtyard side) is done, and the scaffolding has been removed
  • Remediation work in 204 is done
  • Mechanical work complete on 2nd floor
  • Painting complete Sumner 2nd floor
1) Rausch (courtyard) side
  • Scaffolding was removed last Friday
  • Anna would like notice of scaffolding removal so she can do one final inspection. Nam will do crisper notifications for the rest of the scaffolding.
  • One wet seal was redone, and a couple small touch-ups previously blocked by scaffolding are pending
  • Everest will work with James at 46 Rausch to return their planters to the original locations; pending a call this week by James
2) North elevation windows
  • Nam will inspect the steel windows on the north wall as prep for a CO to clean and wet-seal them, similar to east elevation
  • CO pending on Peter’s return next week
3) Mechanical
  • 2 more units completed last week, now 7 total
  • 303 was slow to clean. 104 will be worked on today, and perhaps another unit if there’s time available this short week.
  • 102, 105 remaining on first floor; 3rd/4th floors next.
  • Patriot questioned whether they needed to install booster fans if none were installed. Lee confirmed that, no, only existing booster replacement, no new booster fans unless there was an obvious unmet requirement.
  • 204 received a custom box around their fan, which works very well. Other units have quieter fans in less-exposed areas, and won’t need boxes.
  • Patriot failed to keep an appointment last week, leading to unhappy residents who had to reschedule access. Nam reinforced to Patriot that they need to keep their committed appointments.
4) IGUs
  • Rausch side, 204, 104 done
  • Added 3rd-floor scaffolding (moved from Rausch side) to access additional windows
5) Exterior lighting
  • Fixtures have 4-5 week lead times, likely won’t be available before the Sumner-Clementina scaffolding is removed
  • Shouldn’t be an issue; electrician can work from ladders, and Everest will waterproof/paint as necessary
6) Wall coating
  • Sumner 1st floor has one complete coat, 2nd floor has both coats
  • Clementina close to complete with both coats
  • Scaffolding will come down late next week
  • Nam will remove a superfluous support wire and obsolete lock box
  • A couple vines needed to be trimmed to get behind them to paint
  • 2nd floor window exteriors are all clean
7) Miscellaneous
  • Thursday is a holiday, crew will be back on Friday
  • Storm coming in mid-week, shouldn’t cause any problems