Weekly Status 2015-11-16

posted Nov 16, 2015, 10:53 AM by Site Admin
Peter is traveling today, so status call was Lee, Nam, Anna. 

1) Remediation
  • 204 drywall crew worked Fri, Sat; all drywall work should be complete by EOB Tue
  • Everest will paint on Wed, should have cleanup complete by EOB (probably by 3:00p)
  • Paint: use architectural white color, eggshell finish as a standard
2) Rausch elevation (courtyard side)
  • Everest recommends a wet seal on all windows and frames on this side, given water intrusion and subsequent rusting of the steel frames
  • Nam demonstrated the frame issues to Lee last week; lack of sealing is apparent
  • Lee has a question about the visibility of a bead of gray caulking around the glass edges from unit interiors. Nam will seal two windows (101, 201) for internal review on Tue morning.
  • Peter will provide a change order for additional sealing; current ballpark estimate is $3500 labor+materials
  • Work on this side will be complete ahead of schedule. The scaffolding will be removed by next Wed and moved to the Sumner-Clementina side for additional 3rd/4th floor access.
3) Mechanical
  • 5 units complete as of last Friday
  • sound-reduction box added to unit 204
  • work going smoothly; 1st and 2nd floors are more work with booster fans
  • HOA should develop an ongoing maintenance strategy for booster fans and dryer ducts
4) IGU (window) replacements
  • first batch of glass on site
  • windows replaced on courtyard side, starting Sumner side today
  • remaining high windows on 3rd-4th floors will be measured and ordered once additional scaffolding is in place
  • add sealant to bottom of newly-installed IGUs to prevent water puddling and intrusion
  • replacement IGUs should be sealed better, are more resistant to internal fogging
5) Lighting
  • Lee is reviewing lighting requirements with Reconstruction Committee, will have an order up for approval in a couple days
6) Wall coating
  • lots of work pulling off vines behind the wires
  • walls otherwise prepped and power-washed
  • Clementina 2nd floor first coat complete
  • Sumner side 2nd floor start today, complete by end of week
  • Target all wall coating done by end of next week
7) Security
  • Keeping the front door closed continues to be a PITA
  • Nam discussed security issues with the new drywall crew in 204
  • Nam discussed security issues with the non-HOA remodeling crew in 402. There were also issues with the 402 crew parking and blocking traffic in the Clementina courtyard.