Weekly Status 2015-11-09

posted Nov 13, 2015, 9:40 AM by Site Admin
0) Completions
  • Deck resurfacing is completely done, with all plants and furniture replaced
  • The Rausch elevation (courtyard side) has a complete first wall coating
1) Remediation
  • Debris removal in unit 204 will be complete on Monday
  • Hygienist review on Tuesday; area should be cleared for reconstruction by Wed morning
  • Lee with check with PMC re the status of the disposal form (complete late Monday)
  • Drywall installation starts Friday, runs through mid-next week. Reconstruct as originally built- 2-layer 1/2” drywall over fiberglass insulation, painted white.
  • Do this process in 105 after 12/5. Investigate the under-stairs area with the drywall out to inspect for potential water intrusion issues. 
  • Do this process in 401 a few days before the new French doors arrive.
2) Rausch elevation (courtyard side)
  • Caulking done, rusted sills cleaned up and primed
  • Base coat complete over entire wall
  • Removed all existing paint- only one original coat, versus Sumner/Clementina with multiple coats (and multiple paint types) over graffiti et al
  • Anna: should do pull test, given different conditions. Nam agreed, will do.
  • Derek and Anna reviewed spalled northeast corner and repair procedure, suggested leaving the existing flashing and creating a sealed joint with the patched joint. 
  • Anna noted that the new metal is close to the surface, and that the surface might need to be a little higher than a perfect plane. Nam verified that there’s at least 1/2” of concrete over the rebar.
3) Mechanical
  • 205 is done, 101 done Monday morning; 103 or 104 next depending on access
  • 304 has ventilation as of last Friday, with a fix to a stuck damper. Unclear how the damper was fixed, and whether there’s information there re other stuck dampers. Peter will talk to Patriot to get more information.
  • Patriot has a list of work per unit, but hasn’t shared it. Peter and Nam will work to get updates and produce a final work list.
4) IGU replacements
  • New window panes should be delivered on Monday this week
  • Install 101, 201 replacements first, on Rausch side, then move around to Sumner/Clementina
5) Exterior lighting
  • Lee is talking to a lighting vendor (RAB) to get a fixture spec
  • Lee is also investigating a couple other lighting changes- replace the lighting on the 4th-floor common deck, and add a light over the main entrance
6) Security
  • People are climbing the scaffolding trying to get in. One person stepped on the glass over the entrance and broke one of the panels.
  • Nam is investigating adding barb wire to the staging to discourage climbing
  • There’s also an issue with people getting into the lobby and setting up camp in the trash room. Sub-contractors need to keep the front door closed.