Weekly Status 2015-11-02

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This status covers the last two weeks.

0) Completions
• 3rd-floor private deck surfacing is done. Planters et al will be moved back today, weather permitting.
• Window caulking is complete on the Rausch (courtyard) side
• 2nd-round wall coating pull tests were successfully completed

1) Decks
• all decks are complete wrt waterproofing layers
• 4th-floor private decks are 80% color-complete; remaining 20% is being used for heavy planter storage. When the color coats have cured, the planters will be moved around and the remaining 20% will get color coats (two total).
• 4th-floor common deck has 1st color coat. 
• Anna/MCA will review the work later today

2) Rausch Elevation - Courtyard Side
• Window perimeters are all caulked. 
• Some of the lower window sections showed rust (steel fire windows); the rust was sanded and removed, then painted with primer. Window frames are otherwise in good shape. The frames will be repainted with the existing color, per BOD approval.
• Per request from John Dunlap and Seth Meisler, Everest investigated replacement of selected windows with operables. Timeframes are too short to implement replacements while the scaffolding is in place, so John and Seth will investigate other options post-reconstruction.
• There are a lot of spalls on this side, around unit 201. Some of them visibly extend into the joints between the buildings, with gaps too small for power tools. Nam is investigating repair options for these areas.
• Nam meets daily with Jayme from 46 Rausch to discuss schedule and protection. No unresolved issues to date.

3) Wall Coating
• 2nd-round pull tests were successful on fully-prepped bare concrete. See attached certification.
• Nam will do further prep on first-floor walls to remove additional existing coating
• Dow AllGuard is ordered, will be delivered this week. Coating will start on the Rausch elevation, to minimize scaffold time in neighbor’s yards
• Peter will send a coating reference to Lee for the building archives, essentially a pointer to a job record at the paint supplier

4) 4th-floor French Doors
• Peter will get a delivery estimate later today

5) Interior Mechanical
• Jeff Trayhan from Patriot has compiled a per-unit work list. Lee will get a copy soon, will review the implementation schedule with Jeff and Nam and start contacting unit residents for scheduling.
• Work will begin Wed/Thur, depending on Patriot staff availability
• Lee -> Peter -> Jeff: please resolve the 304 fresh air supply FIRST (stuck fire damper in the 3rd-floor hallway outside unit 304)

6) IGU Replacements
• CO in motion with informal approval last week. 2 IGUs will be replaced on the Rausch side first, then 15 on Sumner/Clementina.
• Lee requested that newly-discovered failed IGUs be replaced with notice only, if they are materials+labor of approx. $250 each. IGU replacements requiring additional scaffolding or with other complicating factors continue to require approval.

7) Exterior Lighting
• Lee met with Michael Chasov of Chasov Electric. Michael is available to do fixture replacement, estimating 30-60 minutes per fixture at $80/hr. 
• Lee / Reconstruction Committee need to select and order fixtures; to be completed this week.

8) Interior Drywall Restoration
• Everest will sub-contract this work to Restec, who will be on-site today to review the jobs. Work will start this week if possible, beginning with unit 204.

9) Schedule
• Project completion is lagging by at least a week. Everest is focusing on the Rausch elevation, such that completion work on Sumner/Clementina will be pushed out.
• Peter will review the overall schedule and issue an update by the end of the week
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