Weekly Status 2015-10-19

posted Oct 19, 2015, 10:26 AM by Site Admin   [ updated Oct 19, 2015, 10:28 AM ]
0) Completions
  • 4th-floor common and private decks are done and ready for the color coat
1) Decks
  • work is near-complete on the 4th-floor decks- surface prep and all layers except color
  • per Anna and Nam, Westcoat reps have been following the process and are agreeing with the surface prep and application process
  • Nam will do three color samples today for review by the HOA:
Westcoat deck color samples: Pewter Gray | 12, Cape Code Gray | 41, Stone Gray | 42

2) Wall Coating
  • the pull tapes for adhesion testing seemed to come off a little too easily
  • Anna recommends redoing the tests on a surface prepped identically to the rest of the building; i.e., pressure-washed
  • Nam will redo the test areas (takes a week for curing), then invite a rep from Dow Corning to observe the tests for warranty purposes
  • wall coatings are around 10 days behind schedule. Peter will do schedule updates.
3) Interior Mechanical
  • all units reviewed except 102 and 104- try to pick them up this week
  • Peter is creating a list of per-unit changes
4) 4th-floor Doors
  • doors are ordered, delivery <= 4 weeks
5) IGU Replacements
  • CO is pending with the HOA, waiting on identification of further fogged units in unit 201
6) 304 Ventilation
  • unit 304 has (had?) disabled ventilation air, resulting from a closed fire damper in the hallway
  • repair is pending later addressing of the larger fire damper issues