Weekly Status 2015-10-12

posted Oct 12, 2015, 10:15 AM by Site Admin
0) Completions
  • Demo of 4th-floor common and private deck coatings
1) Decks
  • Possible rain this coming weekend- focus on weather-sealing 4th-floor decks, leave 3rd-floor private decks until next week
  • Previous coatings on the 4th-floor decks are gone. Drains are (re)installed. Surface prep is under way, including grinding the concrete surface to the specified roughness and crack sealing.
  • Rusted galvanized flashing has been sanded and primed. Additional Tapcons were installed to tie the flashing more securely to the concrete. 
  • Anna recommends that Nick from Lowry (coating manufacturer’s rep) inspect the surface prep to verify the grinding profile. Nam and Peter will set that up for this week. Anna will also review on Thursday on her site visit.
  • Question- deck surface safety when wet? Per Peter, the MACoat decking is designed for pedestrian use, minimizes slipperiness when wet without additional texturing or added sand.
2) Wall coatings
  • 2 days of flaking-paint removal, not much else; primary focus on decks
  • For future graffiti removal and repair, keep the color spec on file at the coating provider. The product (Dow Corning® AllGuard Silicone Elastomeric Coating) has a 12-month maximum shelf life, which precludes indefinite storage of touch-up paint.
  • Non-silicone-based paints will not adhere to the new coating (unclear why that doesn’t apply to graffiti paint…)
  • Peter recommends professional application of patches, including possible surface prep and masking
3) 4th-floor doors
  • Lee discussed door preferences with Jordan, 401 owner; has a spec, will forward to Peter
  • Peter is investigating possibility of a single-hung sash window for 402. Lee will discuss further with 402 owner.
  • Question- durability of vinyl doors? Per Peter- selected doors/windows are industry-standard vinyl product, with heat-welded seams providing better sealing and strength than aluminum frames, and overall better weather resistance. Aluminum-clad wood doors would be much more expensive, and not functionally better in this application.
4) Interior Mechanical
  • Patriot has requested access to each of the 14 remaining units (-201, -204) to tally individual unit requirements. Lee will contact owners/residents for access, starting on Wednesday of this week.
5) IGU Replacements
  • Somewhat of a moving target- Nam identified additional fogged windows
  • Peter has price for additional scaffolding, will deliver CO by Wednesday
6) Exterior Lighting
  • Lee and Jens have researched lighting options, have several product possibilities
  • John D. suggested that we clean up and reuse the existing fixtures with replacement LED flood lamps 
  • Peter provided a second electrician reference, to Michael Chasov Electric
  • Lee will follow-up this week
7) No significant schedule changes at this time. Peter will provide a detail update today.