Weekly Status 2015-10-05

posted Oct 12, 2015, 9:09 AM by Site Admin
0) Completions
  • Neighbor coordination with 46 Rausch
  • Draft change orders for decks, walls
1) Change orders for decks and walls
  • The laminated deck coating is poorly-adhered to the underlying concrete. Peter has prepared an estimate and change order for completely removing the old coating, prepping the concrete substrate, and applying all-new decking. Lee will distribute the change order to the Reconstruction Committee and PMC, looking for feedback, generally believes the change is prudent and reasonable. 
  • Similar to the decks, the wall coating is poorly-adhered to the underlying concrete, with a similar change order to chemically remove the existing coating, then mechanically prep the concrete for a new coating. The CO will also be distributed, is also considered prudent and reasonable.
  • Peter will re-issue the COs with signature blocks for approval
  • Once work starts, Everest will focus on keeping weather protection in place for exposed areas, like floor drain replacements
2) IGU replacements
  • Nam counted fogged and broken windows, gave number to Peter; Peter is completing a CO now
  • 401 will need additional scaffolding to reach some windows; also looking at scaffolding or other access for wall penetrations on the 4th-floor south elevation (Clementina side)
3) Interior mechanical
  • Patriot Mechanical is starting interior mechanical work today- cleaning dryer ducts, moving booster fans, fabricating and installing sound barriers. Unit 204 will be the prototype.
  • A pair of 3rd-floor fire dampers are stuck closed, preventing 304 from receiving ventilating air. Lee sent pictures to Everest, who is working with Patriot on problem-solving.
4) 4th-floor French doors
  • Lee, Peter, and Nam will (did) meet on Wednesday to discuss door options for the 4th-floor door replacements and the recommendation for sliders to maximize weatherproofness
  • Lee will request further preferences from the 4th-floor owners

5) 46 Rausch meeting
  • The meeting with 46 Rausch included the lower-unit tenants (James and Jayme), Lee, Peter and Nam, Tate from Greenstreet Property Mgmt, and Philip from SF Quakers (owners). The group discussed access strategies, movement of sensitive plants and water features, and likely schedules.
There’s a sample patch of the new exterior wall coating on the outside wall at the Sumner/Clementina corner, with adhesion-testing strips. Everest will also do three deck color samples for review.