Weekly Status 2015-09-28

posted Sep 29, 2015, 10:10 AM by Site Admin
(Derek and Namgyal were unavailable, so initial meeting with Peter, later follow-up with Anna)

0) Completions. Spall repair is done. Window caulking is done. 

1) Decks. Anna et al met with the decking manufacturer’s rep last week, determined- 
  • The existing decking system is not performing well. The laminated surface is not well-adhered to the concrete substrate. Some sections are peeling off easily.
  • The initial strategy of grinding down the top layer is problematic- it’s a lot of work, and visible leftovers of the skip-troweled texture will show through the new coating. Grinding in some cases would completely remove the poorly-adhered surface, requiring feathering that would likely be visible through the new coating.
  • MCA, Everest, and the decking product rep generally agreed that stripping the decking down to the base concrete would allow for a consistent new decking application, that would be durable long-term.
  • It might be difficult to flash and seal the new deck surface at the wall intersections. The floor-wall joints don’t seem to have been problematic re water intrusion, but extra care re flashing and caulking at these seems is called for.
  • Peter is costing the additional work now. It may be relatively small, depending on the ease of peeling off the original deck surface versus grinding and feathering.
  • Decking resurfacing is sensitive to rain. Everest will take care to either schedule around expected rain, or provide temporary weatherproofing.

2) Wall Coatings.
  • Significant areas of the existing exterior wall coating (green paint) is peeling off. Jeff Chen reviewed the walls last week and suggested that taking the walls down to bare concrete (similar to the decks) would provide the best long-term coverage and watertightness. 
  • Peter suggested that a chemical stripper, followed by pressure washing, would be sufficient to remove the old coating. Anna was surprised that the peeling area was large enough to justify a full strip, was going to review the extent of peeling.
  • Peter is costing the additional work now; possibly not a large increase in effort.

3) 4th-Floor Door Specs
  • Everest needs further detail re specs for the 4th-floor deck doors.
  • The 4th-floor doors will take about 4 weeks to deliver once ordered. Current plan is to install white vinyl out-swing French doors (401) and vinyl out-swing regular doors (402).
  • Anna recently spec’d similar doors for another project, will discuss with Derek.
  • Lee will check with Jason Tomlinson, the new owner of 402, to see if he has a door preference.
  • Lee will forward email about previous door choices to Everest and MCA.

4) Mechanical Specs
  • Everest needs further detail re mechanical items (exhaust fan, ventilation motor control (VFD), fire damper motors). 
  • Meng Chen, mechanical engineer retained by MCA, has requested that the mechanical contractor propose solutions for these items that Meng can then approve.
  • Patriot Mechanical, the sub-contractor, is comfortable specifying smaller items, like the dryer booster fans, but needs engineering support for the larger items.
  • Peter is discussing requirements with Meng and Derek to get a definitive answer.

5) Various
  • Dryer booster fan replacements will start on Wed, beginning with unit 204
  • Peter has a quote for IGU (window unit) replacements, will forward
  • Lee will shop for exterior lighting fixtures on Wednesday
  • Interior drywall replacement in 401 will be done coincident with door replacement
  • Interior drywall replacement in 105, 204 will be done during lulls in other tasks

6) Neighbor Meetings, East Building Face
  • The construction mgmt team will meet with Raghu Seelman, PM for 52 Rausch, on Wed 10:30a to discuss access issues
  • The mgmt team will meet with 46 Rausch on Fri at 3:30p to discuss their yard access issues