Weekly Status 2015-09-21

posted Sep 21, 2015, 12:40 PM by Site Admin
1) Mechanical Repairs
  • Peter requested information from MCA re specs for several repair aspects- variable-speed control unit, exhaust fan specs, booster fan specs, ducting requirements. Derek forwarded the request to Meng Chen, the MCA mechanical architect sub, then forwarded his response to Peter earlier today.
  • Patriot Mechanical will propose an exhaust booster fan replacement, to be approved by MCA, perhaps by the end of the week. Booster fan options will be customized per unit, with the options of either relocation or shrouding along with motor replacement. John D. provided feedback, based on discussion with the mechanical contractor who did the work in his unit, that a secondary accessible lint trap would be a valuable addition.
  • Unit 103 has a particularly loud booster fan, particularly high and inaccessible. Nam will focus on that one first.
  • Peter will create a spreadsheet detailing mechanical work per unit, given that each unit requires a custom solution
2) Concrete Work
  • First- and second-floor concrete work should be done tomorrow
  • Spalls were mostly located on the Clementina side of the building, mostly second floor, with one 2’x3’ section being repaired now
3) Access
  • Nam has had manageable issues with unit access, and does not need access help from the HOA at this time
4) IGU Replacement
  • Everest believes they are qualified to replace the failed glass window units, and will get a quote from Garmeson Glass for IGU fabrication
  • Nam will identify and measure units to be replaced, including thickness and special requirements (tempered et al)
5) Exterior Lighting
  • Lee discussed light fixture options with George Bajada, electrician. George would like a fixture spec from the HOA, as an appearance item. Lee will investigate and propose options for HOA review.
  • Peter forwarded a list of local lighting showrooms
6) Interior Repairs
  • Everest will sub-contract with Ralph Guzman, an industrial hygienist, to review the interior water damage in units 105, 204, and 401, and provide any necessary repair protocols before beginning interior work
7) Schedule
  • There are no significant schedule changes. Peter will review schedule details this afternoon and may release an update.
Anna Villalobos/MCA will be unavailable for an indeterminate period. Aaron Niles will fill in for her.