Weekly Status 2015-09-14

posted Sep 14, 2015, 9:45 AM by Site Admin
1) Long discussion over results of unit 401 window leak testing last week. There was a water intrusion in a number of locations in the window system itself, but nothing apparent around the frame at the frame-to-wall joints. 

A major leak component is in misaligned operable units that don’t contact mating sealing surfaces, where the gasket on an operable unit isn’t touching the stationary surface. There may be options for realigning the operable units, and/or adding support blocks, to provide a more consistent seal. The bulb gaskets are spec’d to be replaced as well, though the realignment is the more important aspect. There may also be metal-to-metal surfaces that need sealant.

There was discussion of adding a “weep channel” to supplement the existing weep holes, but it wasn’t clear that modifying the window design was a productive direction. 

Lee will query the current residents about window leak history, to identify specific windows that need attention. Nam will also talk to residents as they enter individual units, asking about wet sills and other window leak issues. 

2) Peter will get a quote to replace failed IGUs (Integrated Window Units), deliver to Lee.

3) George Bajada, electrician, will inspect the exterior lighting fixtures for replacements with high-efficiency units; George and Peter will provide electrical supply companies that carry replacement fixtures and provide a few ideas for selection. Lee and the HOA will review and select replacement fixtures based on building design requirements.

4) Interior mechanical work starts tomorrow on three units. The mechanical sub-contractor will inspect individual units and specify replacement booster fans and other changes on a per-unit basis. The overall process will take around five calendar days, with approx. 1-2 days of work per unit.

5) Spall repair demo will start tomorrow (Tue). Anna will review locations and extents with Namgyal. 

6) Investigation and scheduling for interior drywall repair in units 105, 204, and 401 is pending.

7) There are no schedule changes at this time. The 3 Sep 2015 project schedule is still current.

Interior mechanical work starts in units 104, 204, 205, 304 tomorrow, and moves to the remaining units beginning next week. Exterior doors on units 401 and 402 also start next week.