Weekly Status 2015-09-08

posted Sep 10, 2015, 5:10 PM by Site Admin   [ updated Sep 11, 2015, 3:34 PM ]
Review meeting and status update on Tuesday due to Labor Day holiday. Note that the following descriptions of repair details are conversational in nature, as recorded by non-professional Board members, and are not intended to take the place of technical or formal Field Reports or other professional opinions.

1) Work started on the second-floor units last week. An initial issue- these windows are somewhat different from the mockup window next to the entry door. The window cutouts were too big for the window units, such that they were reduced in size with new concrete during the initial installation. Saw cutting around the window is causing some of the new concrete to crumble, and requiring hand work with chisels. 

Additionally, there’s a large void left within the i-beam shape of the exterior window frame. Peter and Nam reviewed the issue with Anna, Derek, and Lee, who agreed on an updated solution of filling the frame void with foam or backer rod, then using a larger bead of silicone sealant between the concrete wall surface and frame surface. The Dow Corning sealant is strong, and will add significant strength to the connection between the concrete wall and window frame, useful given that the frames were initially installed with a small number of inexpensive Tapcon screws. 

The trim strips originally used on the window perimeters were sealed with a thin bead of sealant between the strip and concrete, and attached to the window frame with double-sided tape. Any water that seeped behind the trim strip would have eventually been present at the window interior, probably causing the white water stains on the interior concrete. 

The various door and window frames have varying sizes of gaps, frame to concrete, such that not all edges will be saw cut. The perimeter sealant will be painted with wall paint (silicone paint over silicone sealant), such that building color will extend to the aluminum window frame edge. 

2) Spall sounding is progressing on the second floor exterior, with spalls somewhat more frequent on the Sumner wall. Everest will track sizes and locations, updating both a spreadsheet list and marking them on the construction drawings. 

3) 401 window leak testing moved from Wed to Tue because of mistaken scheduling. Everest will check the 4th-floor water pressure, and bring a booster pump if necessary. 

4) Peter provided an updated MS Project schedule, and will post copies in the mail lobby and lower floor elevator lobby. 

5) The remaining first and second floor units were added to the notification list. Nam has been working directly with residents for access. 

6) Lee got an electrician reference from Peter for replacement of exterior building light fixtures with high-efficiency LEDs, and is attempting to schedule a site visit and quote.

7) Peter will add window pane replacement as a project item, replacing approximately a dozen fogged window frames. Lee will send more information to Peter. 

8) Peter will start the process of costing drywall repairs for water damage in 105, 204, and 401. 

The current project schedule is attached, and posted on 73sumner.org. Units 104, 204, 205, 304 are set for interior mechanical repairs starting next Tuesday 9/15.
John Dunlap,
Feb 12, 2018, 12:02 PM