Weekly Status 2015-08-24

posted Aug 24, 2015, 12:19 PM by Site Admin
<covers previous two weeks>

1) Final review comments and updates to the repair contract with Everest Waterproofing were complete on Tue 8/11; signatures were complete by Mon 8/17

2) Lee, Derek and Anna from MCA, and Peter and Namgyal from Everest, did a building walkthrough on 8/18 to review repair areas and start strategy development:
  • combine mechanical work and window work per unit, to minimize intrusion and disruption for individual residents
  • work on south and west walls simultaneously, meaning scaffolding on both Sumner and the Clementina courtyard
  • minimize time spent on the east wall, to minimize impact to neighbors on Rausch
  • work hours will be 8:00a-4:30p, M-F
  • schedule a meeting with 46 Rausch to establish contacts and expectations; similarly contact 60 Rausch and 1178 Folsom to talk about scaffolding in Clementina courtyard
  • establish contact between Everest and Patriot Mechanical for air handler and interior mechanical work
  • create contact sheet for other building services (e.g., Thyssenkrup et al)
3) Scaffolding installation will begin on Thur 8/27, complete Mon 8/31

4) Work begins on Tue 9/1

5) Everest will install a separate electrical service box, tied directly to the main breakers. There should be no impact to resident electrical service from tool use.

6) City of SF considers the Sumner sidewalk to be ADA compliant, requires that scaffolding maintain compliance. The scaffolding protection (plywood sheeting) will therefore start 8’ up, and will impact light and views for 1st- and 2nd-floor units for approximately two months. 

7) The building will ultimately be recoated with Dow AllGuard silicone-based paint (requiring silicone-based paints from here on forward). Current plans are to maintain the same light green color. Everest will paint a sample patch for resident review.

8) MCA and Everest will identify two upper-floor windows for water testing. Derek will talk to unit 402 re options for French door replacements. 

9) the 4th-floor deck will be used for storage of tools and materials. Everest will maintain the esthetics of the deck on a best-effort basis.