Weekly Status 2015-07-20

posted Jul 22, 2015, 11:29 AM by Site Admin
1) a Bid Review mtg occurred on Tue 7/7 with Peter Vorhees from Everest Waterproofing and a team from AC Enterprises (High End was not available), including Lee and John (Everest only)  from the Board, John Paul (ACE only) from the Reconstruction Committee, and Derek and Anna from MCA. 

2) the Board met with Piers MacKenzie form PMC last Wednesday 7/15 to review the bids and notes from the Bid Review mtg. Both Everest and ACE were judged to be competent and likely to produce similar end results, with similar strong reputations. Everest had lower overall costs, a notably shorter schedule, longer labor warranties, and more insurance, and was determined to be the better choice.

3) Lee notified Derek of the Board decision late last week, who in turn notified Peter Vorhees at Everest. Peter is estimating an early August start date, with likely completion by the middle of October. 

4) Ann Rankin will review the Everest contract for the Board.