Weekly Status 2015-07-06

posted Jul 9, 2015, 12:16 PM by Site Admin
There was no weekly status last week due to the July 4th holiday at the end of the week. 

1) The previously-attempted bid-review meeting for Fri 6/26 didn't happen due to ongoing bid spreadsheet revision. MCA wasn't able to schedule it for the following week due to engineer vacations.

2) The bid summary spreadsheet was delivered to the HOA on Monday 6/29 and distributed later that week to the Reconstruction Committee. There were significant differences in costs between the three contractors.

3) The bid review meeting is now scheduled for Tuesday 7/7 1:00p in John Dunlap's unit. High End Development is unable to attend due to their representative traveling for the week, leaving AC Enterprises and Everest Waterproofing. John Dunlap (Board Treasurer) and John Paul Scott are planning to attend, with Derek and Anna from MCA.