Weekly Status 2015-05-25

posted May 26, 2015, 9:46 AM by Site Admin
Status delayed by a day by the Memorial Day holiday yesterday.

1) MCA completed and delivered a draft of the bid package end-of-day last Monday. I forwarded the package to the Reconstruction Committee, and provided review comments on Thursday. John Dunlap and John Paul Scott also returned comments.

2) MCA is incorporating all comments now and is sending the final bid packages today to three contractors: AC Enterprises (ACE), High End Development (HED), and Everest Waterproofing and Restoration. All have been briefed. ACE has done work at 73 Sumner and knows the building; Derek did an informal walkthrough with HED a couple weeks ago. All three contractors will attend a formal walkthrough as noted on the bid calendar.

3) Derek prefers to review bids in a location on-site, if possible, in a single day. He’s allocated 40 minutes per presentation; the entire process should take 2-3 hours. Bid presentation is via paper, so we only need a table and chairs in the meeting area.

4) Drywall repair and mold abatement in units with water damage. If mold exists on over 100 sq-ft of area, abatement must be done by a licensed mold abatement contractor. Derek would like to manage this during the repair process, believing that it will be difficult to spec and bid without knowing the extent of repair required. 

5) Dryer venting and the booster fans. Current plan is to retain the existing ductwork, remove lint, remove screws, and reconnect with tape. Derek will spec replacement of the existing booster fans with quieter units, with unit-by-unit decisions re whether to relocate the fan to a closet or other enclosed space.