Weekly Status 2015-05-18

posted May 18, 2015, 9:31 AM by Site Admin

1) MCA is a day behind on bids (engineer out sick), but Derek expects the bid packages complete by EOB today. He’ll send me a copy of the complete bid form for review, with a bid schedule.

2) The HOA review group will need to schedule time for bid presentations in a week or two. This is probably 4-6 hours of meeting time (60-90min x 4 contractors). I’ll talk to people separately about options- on-site versus at the PMC offices, late in the day on multiple days versus a single block of time on a Friday afternoon…

3) Contractors are starting to give feedback re repair designs: it’s not obvious that the roof exhaust fan needs to be bigger, even adding the trash room. There might be a solution for the elevator sump using a surface-mount oil separator with in-floor connection to the floor drain that will give us a few more square feet in the trash room. One of the waterproofing contractors has an idea for patching and resealing the decks that will (re?)establish a waterproofness warranty from the material manufacturer. 

4) Derek solicited preferences from the 401 and 402 owners re replacement doors. He would like to install vinyl out-swing French doors, but presented sliding glass doors as an option. Ardi in 402 would like to wall off one of the doors, as unnecessary, but I’m reluctant to approve the change (creates an architectural difference on the 4th-floor patio). I’ll raise that as a separate discussion item.