Reconstruction Q & A

posted Feb 25, 2015, 3:27 PM by Site Admin   [ updated May 11, 2015, 10:30 AM ]
An interested owner had a couple questions about the reconstruction process. Their questions with responses below.

1) Has a contract been entered into with any contractor[s] for any repairs?

The implementation process for reconstruction looks something like this:
  1. review and select a managing architect to produce plans, drawings, and solicit bids. Done.
  2. develop, review, and execute a contract with the selected company. Done.
  3. deliver litigation materials, preliminary reports, building plans, etc., for review and plan development. Done.
  4. architect delivers initial repair plan for review. This was split into separate waterproofing and mechanical sections. Done (late January).
  5. Board review of plan with initial comments returned to architect. Done. 
  6. architect presents plans to HOA for general review and comment in live meeting. To be scheduled.
  7. with finalized reconstruction plans, architect produces detailed drawings and bid packages, solicits bids.
  8. architect and Board choose winning bidders, leading to construction schedules.
  9. architect and Board hold building-wide kickoff meeting to present plans and schedules to residents (discuss working hours, access issues, scaffolding, interruptions, etc).
  10. work commences.
At this point, we’re two steps away from a construction schedule that addresses all repairs. Separately, the Board has signed an agreement for repairs and waterproofing to the north wall; work begins in the next two weeks.

2) Do you anticipate an assessment to make the corrections, and if so, what is the amount you anticipate?

The initial reconstruction plan came in under budget, based on an approach of the least work required to meet all construction defects revealed by the litigation in a responsible way. The Reconstruction Committee is now somewhat-cautiously reviewing items to put back in. The Board has a strong desire to avoid additional assessments and to exit reconstruction with a fully-funded reserve account based on the updated condition of the building.

An initial live review meeting between the architect and Reconstruction Committee is being scheduled now for either a Friday afternoon or weekday evening in the next two weeks.