Notes — Bid Review Meetings

posted Jul 22, 2015, 11:25 AM by Site Admin
Bid Review meetings were held on Tue, 7 July 2015, at 73 Sumner #201. The meetings were attended by Lee Richardson (Board), John Dunlap (Board, Everest only), John Paul Scott (Reconstruction Committee, ACE only), Derek Bigard (MCA), Anna Villalobos (MCA). 

Everest Waterproofing - Peter Vorhees
  • Everest is based in San Francisco, on Potrero Hill, with approximately 70 employees.
  • the Everest base bid of $348K is 16% lower than the ACE $414K base. A significant portion of this difference is lower costs for scaffolding based on a much shorter overall schedule.
  • the Everest base+allowances+alternates bid of $450K is 24% lower than the ACE base+ of $594K
  • Everest and ACE are very close on combined costs for concrete rehabilitation+windows at concrete walls+wall coating: $136K vs $138K
  • the Everest estimate of 8-9 weeks is notably shorter than the durations provided by other bidders
  • Peter Vorhees seemed to have a clear understanding of narrow scaffolding issues on the Sumner sidewalk
  • Everest owns a number of swing stages that can be used to access the east wall without additional costs and minimizing disruption to 46 Rausch
  • Peter has a strategy for addressing the odor transfer issues between units
  • Peter was able to discuss minimizing entries into each unit and managing resident disruption
  • Everest offers a 5-year warranty on labor
  • Everest has twice the bonding and general liability insurance as other bidders
  • Everest has a strong focus on waterproofing and have developed a good reputation over time for the quality of their work. McGinnis Chen confirms.

AC Enterprises — Andrew Chekene and Team
  • Everest is based in South City, with 140 employees (plus a new division in Hawaii)
  • ACE presented with their entire project team
  • They’ve been around a long time, with a history of positive results in SF. McGinnis Chen agrees.
  • We have direct experience that they do good work
  • ACE offers a 2-year labor warranty
  • They have multiple projects going on in the City and can do things like daily trash pickup, avoiding requirements for on-street trash containers
  • They have a person on-staff (Lisa Esposito) for customer service and Board liaison
  • ACE presented a plan for resident communication, including a three-week rolling construction schedule posted in the main lobby
  • They are doing a parallel project for 60 Rausch, and are interested in synergies between the two projects. It's not clear how that's reflected in their bid or schedule.
  • Todd Schulz did a great job of connecting with the 46 Rausch residents after the north wall repair snafu and resulting damage to the 46 Rausch fence and yard (OTOH, it would have been better if the meeting hadn’t been required in the first place)
  • ACE presented a Microsoft Project schedule showing project completion around the end of December. The schedule was linear, with most tasks end-to-start with little overlap. They provided minimal response to questions re more parallel tasks for a shorter schedule.

High End Development

High End did not present. Their estimator was traveling during the week of the meeting, and the company declined to send other representatives or request a different meeting time.