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Reconstruction News

Weekly Status 2016-06-06

posted Jun 8, 2016, 12:56 PM by Site Admin

1) Mechanical Phase 2
  • Peter at Everest sent two COs and updated scope of work documents on 5/17/2016 (forwarded to the Reconstruction Committee)
  • The work specified looks right, but the CO cost accounting doesn’t show credits for previously bid work
  • Lee, Derek, and Peter are working to figure out an accurate accounting structure
2) Namgyal Ongoing
  • cover for boiler room drain is installed and complete
  • touch-up painting on 4th-floor deck is complete
  • additional repair work in 203, and windows in 101, was pending delivery of silicone tape; no update
  • per John Dunlap- a window issue on the 201 Rausch side needs investigation; no update
3) Window Leak Remediation Strategy
  • Lee and Anna from MCA discussed operable window sealing options- replace bulb gaskets, align windows, increase count and size of weep holes, apply sealant to joints and other frame penetrations
  • Unit 203 window leaks were resolved as part of this investigation and water testing
  • Pending action- need a plan for further window updates
4) Unresolved Water Intrusion Issues
  • 204: slow drip from lighting hanger
  • 402: leak through vent penetration
  • some of these may be complete, but don’t have closure
4) 105 Street Entry Grating
  • Lee forwarded JPs suggested solution to Derek and Peter
  • waiting on architectural signoff
5) Exterior Lighting Update
  • LED fixtures for vine up and down lights are delivered
  • LED “porch lights” for common deck, entry door are delivered. Need three more for previously-unnoticed fixtures.
  • Have installation bid from one electrician, waiting on second bid.

MCA Field Report 18 (05/12/16)

posted May 18, 2016, 1:58 PM by Site Admin

14075.00 FR - 73 Sumner Street - Field Report 18 (05/12/16) attached as PDF.

Weekly Status 2016-05-02

posted May 4, 2016, 10:55 AM by Site Admin

1) Mechanical Phase 2
  • Mechanical work is stalled (trash room, metal roof replacement, intake/exhaust fans, fire damper actuators)
  • Peter at Everest has had higher priority tasks over the last six weeks and has been unable to integrate quotes from Patriot Mechanical
  • Lee has asked McGinnis Chen for help and ideas re moving things forward
2) Namgyal Ongoing
  • Nam was traveling, is back and reviewing issues
  • additional repair work in 203, and windows in 101, is pending delivery of silicone tape
  • per John Dunlap- a window issue on the 201 Rausch side needs investigation
  • this probably includes a window leak remediation strategy and window water testing; undiscussed
  • no news re a cover for the boiler room floor drain
  • no news re touch-up painting of the 4th-floor deck
3) Unresolved Water Intrusion Issues
  • 203: window leaks cause window sill puddling
  • 204: slow drip from lighting hanger
  • 402: leak through vent penetration
  • some of these may be complete, just don’t have closure
4) 105 Street Entry Grating
  • Lee forwarded JPs suggested solution to Derek and Peter
5) Exterior Lighting Update
  • Lee has a check for Universal Electric for lighting fixtures, will execute order this week
  • lead times 4-6 weeks
  • not a reconstruction issue, but worth tracking here

Weekly Status 2016-04-25

posted May 4, 2016, 10:45 AM by Site Admin

Not much happened over the previous few weeks, so no statuses. 

Jeff Trayhan / Patriot Mechanical has four proposals pending with Everest; Peter will cost them and deliver proposals to the HOA early this week:

1) Trash Room
  • supply/install new ceiling fan in trash room, with electrical et al
  • install 8” round duct in front stairwell, route through holes in landings, to exit roof near the stairwell roof hatch
  • install 12” damper, with grills, at roofline
  • Peter will quote work to cut holes in landings, roof, and drywall at trash room, add quote from Jeff, balance against pre-quoted work for trash room
  • elevator sump work was not discussed, but is assumed to be part of this effort
2) Replacement of Galvanized Roof Sections
  • new work based on discovery during other weatherproofing operations
  • remove/replace north and south roof sections
  • install trash room damper during this process
  • all Patriot work, no Everest involvement
3) Intake/Exhaust Fans
  • install VFD, pressure sensor et al in ventilation fan
  • relocate exhaust fan with new enclosure to existing concrete pad
4) Hallway Fire Dampers
  • no definite direction from Bruce, nor complete list of dampers to replace
  • some quantity of indecision re repair vs replace vs reconfigure with additional alarm wiring
  • some dampers difficult to get to- need to Sawzall existing damper out, remove ducting, install new one
  • with no advice to the contrary, Lee requested that all dampers be replaced with identical new (non-defective) units, using the same activation strategy as the existing system
  • per the 3/31 status, replacement dampers should have arrived first week of April …?
5) Namgyal Ongoing
  • PortaPotty removed from site two weeks ago
  • additional repair work in 203, and windows in 101, is pending delivery of silicone tape, Nam return from trip
  • per John Dunlap- a window issue on the 201 Rausch side needs investigation
  • this probably includes a window leak remediation strategy and window water testing; undiscussed
  • no news re a cover for the boiler room floor drain
  • no news re touch-up painting of the 4th-floor deck
6) 105 Street Entry Grating
  • John Paul supplied sample part numbers for a floor grate that would work
  • Lee will forward to Derek and Peter

Weekly Status 2016-03-21

posted Mar 22, 2016, 10:08 AM by Site Admin

Nam and Anna on the call.

1) Mechanical Phase 2
  • Ventilation fire damper actuators should arrive this week
  • Control sub-contractor reviewing VFD requirements in a site inspection Tue afternoon
  • Exhaust fan replacement being spec’d this week, possible sign-off approval by Friday
  • Information flow between Bruce (Lefler) and Jeff (Patriot) is good
2) Water Testing
  • This week should be dry (no rain), so water testing can proceed end of this week
  • The building seems to be pretty water tight. Ongoing issues:
  • 203: window leaks cause window sill puddling
  • 204: slow drip from lighting hanger
  • 402: leak through vent penetration
3) Window Leak Remediation
  • Long discussion re addressing leaking operable windows on the Sumner/Clementina sides
  • Replacing OEM bulb gaskets is time-consuming (1-2 hours per) and of arguable value because the new gasket is not very different from the old one
  • Lee (re)proposed a multi-step solution for review and approval:
  • a) align operable pane to fit as evenly and tightly as possible against the mating frame
  • b) add additional weep holes to improve drainage rate
  • c) water test the window. If it still leaks, replace the bulb gasket.
  • d) water test the window. If it still leaks, add a second surface-mount sealing strip.
  • Long-term durability of a second sealing strip is not good, so (d) would require replacement every few years
4) Entryway Awning
  • New glass is installed
  • Nam will complete sealing this week
5) 301 Windows and Touch-Ups — Done
  • wire glass installed, rusted metal cleaned and painted
  • ceiling paint touch-ups done
6) 402 Windows and Touch-Ups — Done
  • 4 IGUs replaced
  • Paint touch-ups from door installation complete
7) 105 Street Entry Grating
  • No action from MCA re grating spec
  • Lee will ask John Paul to sketch a grating design
  • MCA will provide a spec for everything else
  • Nam will find a metal fabricator to create the grate
8) Pending / Unreviewed
  • Nam will fab and install a cover for the boiler room floor drain
  • Touch-up painting on 4th-floor deck

Weekly Status 2016-03-14

posted Mar 14, 2016, 4:55 PM by Site Admin

1) Mechanical Phase 2
  • Bruce is working through equipment selection and specifications, delivering docs to Jeff at Patriot on Friday
  • Jeff is responding with questions and working out implementation details
2) Entryway Glass
  • Awning glass is ready
  • waiting on 24h of dry weather for installation
3) 105, 301, 402
  • 105 - waiting on grate spec from Anna and Derek
  • 301 windows, touch-up painting- Thur/Fri
  • 402 windows, touch-up painting- Thur/Fri
4) 4th-Floor Deck
  • Deck has been cleaned
  • Nam will do touch-up painting next week
  • 401 can move all items back onto the deck at that time, clearing the exterior stairway landing
5) Boiler Room
  • Hetherington Plumbing did overflow piping on Friday; unclear re status
  • Nam will fab and install a cover for the defective floor drain when plumbing work complete
6) Water Tests
  • Nam and Anna have a tentative date this week to initiate water tests on 101, 201, 301 windows
  • Target Thur/Fri for tests

Weekly Status 2016-03-07

posted Mar 7, 2016, 10:07 AM by Site Admin

This status covers the previous two weeks; Lee, Nam, and Anna on the phone.

1) Mechanical Phase 1
  • 303 dryer ducting work was completed last Thursday
  • All 3rd-floor dryer duct work is complete; Anna will inspect one of the installations in the next few days
  • 104 booster fan initiation may still be an issue, waiting on Bruce Allen for something
  • Remaining sound boxes have been installed
2) Mechanical Phase 2
  • Bruce Allen (Lefler Engineering), Jeff Trayhan (Patriot), Nam, and Lee did a mechanical walk-around on Thur 2/25, reviewing all the phase 2 work in detail
  • Review covered trash room venting, removal of the existing trash room vent duct in unit 105, ventilation fire damper actuator replacements, relocation of the exhaust fan to the concrete pad on the boiler room roof, installation of a VFD in the fresh air system, design and fab of new leaf guards for the air intake
  • Bruce promised that he would start on spec work the following day with a goal to beginning work the following week, but no apparent action to date
  • Peter Vorhees and Lee are both following up with Bruce
3) Entryway Awning Glass
  • Garmison Glass was unavailable last week, should be around this week to install the new glass over the entryway
  • Nam has two samples of plastic covers, will leave by John’s unit for review and approval by John and/or Lee
4) Ground Floor Doors
  • All eyebrow installations and glass wet-seals over the first-floor exterior doors are complete
5) Unit 105 threshold
  • John Paul has requested a permeable solution for the pavement outside his door (metal grate over gravel)
  • Derek/MCA will spec something; Anna is following up with him
6) Unit 301 Items
  • Nam has replacement wire glass to install and window frame reinforcements, and paint touchups on the ceiling repair
  • Waiting on a response from Seth for scheduling
7) Unit 402 Items
  • Jason is back from traveling
  • Nam will contact him to schedule installation of 3 IGUs, detail touchups re his patio doors
8) Water Testing
  • Anna wants to complete the contracted water tests
  • Lee suggested choosing an east elevation wire glass window with the new wet seals, and other windows where Everest can prototype seal options for future repairs
  • Anna and Nam will schedule a test day next week around windows in units 101, 201, and 301
  • Lee will ask residents about leaks from the latest storms

Weekly Status 2016-02-22

posted Feb 23, 2016, 10:33 AM by Site Admin

Peter is out of the office this week. Lee met with Nam and John Dunlap and talked status in lieu of a mis-scheduled meeting with Bruce Allen and Jeff Trayhan on Monday morning.

1) North Wall

  • waiting on replacement of wire glass window; all other work complete
  • Nam will reinforce the rusted window frame with Bondo when replacing the glass

2) First Floor Exterior Doors, Unit 105 Threshold

  • fabrication of stainless-steel eyebrows for the doors is complete
  • Nam has started installing the eyebrows, will work his way around this week (main entry, 105 are done)
  • sealing includes a wet seal around the perimeter of transom window above each door
  • Everest will replace the pavers at the 105 threshold with a grate over gravel to reduce splashing and puddling at the threshold

3) 301 Entryway Leak, Boiler Room Drain

  • drywall replacement is mostly complete in 301
  • the leaking boiler room floor drain will be disabled with a glued-down stainless steel cover plate
  • permanent repair will require detachment and displacement of the large space heating boiler, saw-cutting the floor around the drain, and removal of multiple layers of ceiling in the 301 entryway
  • various overflows in the boiler room (at least four) will need to be re-routed to the common deck
  • (The boiler room needs further maintenance- leaking copper pipe joints, possible back flow device replacement, etc. Lee will initiate a discussion re timing, and whether there might be some good reason for disconnecting the boiler and fixing the drain sooner (like this summer) versus later.)

4) Windows

  • IGUs continue to fail. It appears that most of the original window panes will need replacing over the next few years.
  • installation of new bulb gaskets is time-consuming, on the order of 1-2 hours per window, and there’s little perceptible difference between the old and new gaskets
  • a better plan might be to cancel the bulb gasket replacement, and define other procedures for problematic leaking windows- simpler weatherstripping, sealing unused operable windows closed

5) Mechanical - Dryer Ducts

  • Lee contacted the tenants in 303 last week and confirmed their availability to provide access to work crews
  • Nam will talk to Jeff re initiating work on this final dryer duct replacement
  • 104 remains an issue with a booster fan that won’t trigger. John D. will contact the owner of 104 to see if he knows of any solutions.

6) Mechanical - Phase 2

  • Bruce Allen (mech. engineer) will meet with Jeff Trayhan (Patriot Mech.), Nam, and Lee on Thursday morning to kick off phase 2 design work
  • Lee requested that work begin next week if possible, and requested other venting options from Bruce for the trash room (other than a new exhaust unit on the roof)

7) Entryway Glass Canopy

  • one of the replacement glass panes was damaged en route to delivery last week, will be re-fabricated and delivered in the next few days
  • Nam will fabricate additional plastic spacers and seal the entire edge between the wall, metal framing, and horizontal glass edges

8) 401 Drywall

  • drywall work and painting is complete in 401, after successful water testing last week
  • final detail work is being completed now, including moving pots and furniture around on the deck and removing rust stains

9) 402 Detailing

  • the 402 owner is traveling and not available to provide access at this time
  • the door exterior at the upper edge will get an additional eyebrow and cladding over the center post

Weekly Status 2016-02-08

posted Feb 8, 2016, 1:25 PM by Site Admin

Combination status covering the previous two weeks. Nam was absent for a few days with health issues, but is OK and back now.

1) North Wall
  • Wet seals and window frame cleanup is complete on the north wall
  • Two windows showed significant corrosion, will likely need repeat maintenance in the next 5-10 years
  • One wire glass window is cracked in unit 301, will be replaced
2) Unit 105 Threshold
  • Dirt was removed outside the 105 exterior door and subterranean wall to inspect the exterior seal
  • Derek and Anna did water tests bottom to top, determined that the sub wall was watertight but that the window above the door had metal-to-metal surfaces allowing water to leak in and run down the interior door channels
  • Resolve with wet seal on leaking intersections, 4” drip edge
  • Lee wondered whether the remaining exterior 1st-floor doors would have the same issue - Peter forwarded the question to Derek, received affirmation, will quote doing the same work to all doors
3) 301 Entryway Leak
  • Everest did a temporary fix in the boiler room, using a sump pump to move overflow water out onto the 4th-floor deck
  • Heatherington Plumbing reviewed the failing back-flow device with John D., needs to return to do a permanent repair
  • It appears that the drain in the boiler room leaks, but is inaccessible for repair without moving the boilers out of the way
4) Windows
  • Additional leaking window units continue to be discovered, in units 201 and 204
  • Nam is ordering replacements, will add to replacement map
  • The correct bulb gasket stock was received and test-installed; installation is time-consuming
5) Mechanical - Dryer Ducts
  • Updates to the dryer ducting is largely complete, with units 301, 304, and 105 done recently
  • 303 work is pending, re contact with the current residents for access. Lee is pursuing this.
  • 101 and 102 received sound-insulating boxes, similar to 204
  • The 104 dryer is not triggering the booster fan. Patriot has tried two different fans, and tried the pressure switch in a different location, without success. They are investigating additional solutions. It may also be a dryer unit issue, with the dryer not providing sufficient air flow.
6) Mechanical - Phase Two
  • Initiation is waiting on a second bid for mechanical engineering services from Bruce Lefler, due last Monday
  • (Proposal finally received later in the day, after the status meeting)
  • Elevator sump work will be combined with trash room venting, so is dependent on this initiation as well
7) Entryway Glass Canopy
  • Sample glass was reviewed by Nam and John D, accepted as sampled
  • Fabrication to be complete this week
8) 401 French Doors
  • Completion of drywall work in the 401 living area is on hold, pending water tests by MCA (Anna)
  • 401 window leak resolution is pending a decision re whether to replace the operable window or to implement some other solution
9) 402 Doors
  • The missing external covering over the post between the two doors was installed and completed
  • 402 needs some interior paint touch-up and attention to the wood threshold strip. This was erroneously reported as a 401 issue in a previous status.

Weekly Status 2016-01-25

posted Jan 28, 2016, 11:29 AM by Site Admin

1) 401 Door Replacement
  • Door contractor is done, but residents have a punch list
  • Lee also noted that the post between the 402 doors is missing exterior cladding
  • Anna will set up a date with Nam to schedule water testing, probably next week
2) 105 Threshold and Landing Leaks
  • John Paul still has water coming through the foundation wall, both from the top and through in-wall cracks
  • Derek wants to examine the sheet goods on the exterior to understand the conditions
  • Everest will do some localized excavating around the door, as well as removing the threshold for better sealing
3) Window Bulb Seals
  • Incorrect seal stock has been returned
  • A sample of the correct seal has been sent; the warehouse will deliver it in 4-5 working days
4) Entryway Roof Glass
  • Should have a sample for approval, but Nam wasn’t on the call so no news
5) Mechanical
  • 304 is done. Lee inspected, believes it looks good. Anna wants to see it, too.
  • 301 being worked on
  • 303- can’t find owners, so no access at the moment
  • Peter heard from both Bruce and Meng. Meng is trying to figure out what to do re a proposal.
  • Goal- nail down a mechanical engineer by next Monday
6) 301 Hallway Roof Leak
  • Late-breaking news- leak caused by leaking overflow in boiler room
  • Everest applied temp fix; Heatherington to provide permanent fix
7) Figley and East Wall Paint Certification
  • Still waiting

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